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  • Dennis H. AvatarDennis H.

    Excellent operation from start to finish. I was able to get all my paperwork and insurance requirements taken care of before my appointment. When I walked in I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness of the seating area and the professionalism of the receptionist. My appointment was on time and I was taken back for a thorough check of my eyes and all the other technical things that are necessary for an eye exam. The technician explained what everything was for and what to expect during each test. Finally it was time for Doctor Hwan to come in. His professionalism impressed me and his mannerism made me feel like I was discussing my eyes with an old friend. I've been looking for an eye clinic since I moved here from Tucson a few years ago. Looks like I found what I was looking for in Arizona Eye Specialists. - 7/29/2021 

    Carmen R. AvatarCarmen R.

    Everyone was very courteous and efficient. I definitely recommend Arizona Eye Specialists and Dr. Winkler. The office is immaculate. - 7/23/2021 

  • Jan M. AvatarJan M.

    Everyone is very friendly and helpful
    Office is very efficien. Dr. Winkler answered all my questions and explained everything to me. Very pleased and would recommend to family and friends. - 7/23/2021 

    Anne B. AvatarAnne B.

    Yesterday I had my left eye lasered. It was done in the office by Dr. Winkler and was painless. I have my right eye done in 2 weeks. - 7/23/2021 

  • Layton B. AvatarLayton B.

    Needed cataract surgery and Dr. Curtis Winkler and his staff were professional, very thorough in providing pre-surgery and post surgery instructions, and just friendly and caring overall. A special compliment to Jennifer who went beyond expectations in setting up my second eye surgery. Thanks to all. - 7/23/2021 

    Tajammal W. AvatarTajammal W.

    Dr. Goldman and his staff are wonderful persons and professionals. For this the credit must go to Dr. Goldman's leadership. Highly experienced, efficient, and dextrous, Dr Goldman makes you comfortable and removes all apprehensions that you may be having regarding delicacies of your eyes surgery operation. Post surgery follow up is thorough, and any concerns bothering your mind are promptly addressed. This is what I experienced during/after my eye surgery. Thank you, Dr. Goldman! - 7/21/2021 

  • Brian D. AvatarBrian D.

    Excellent eye care, and great admin support making scheduled appointments is a breeze. Everyone has a great attitude and a smile, even though you can't see the smile because of Dr Fauchi. We know it is there. - 7/21/2021 

    Marvin H. AvatarMarvin H.

    They are very good at what they do, and are very curtesy to their patients, they answer all your questions. Always in a good mood and ready to help you at anytime. - 7/21/2021 

  • Barbara W. AvatarBarbara W.

    Always a friendly helpful caring visit. Very professional. Just wish I could get in to see Dr Floyd sooner than a month and a half. Love Dr Mitzel.
    Very happy with Dr Floyd. Very good bedside manner. She is so good to listen. She is great!! - 7/20/2021 

    Louis R. AvatarLouis R.

    Dr. Anne Floyd was absolutely the best. She provided me with excellent information about my exam and all of my options.
    I would highly recommend her!! - 7/17/2021 

  • Patricia C. AvatarPatricia C.

    Patients only could be in waiting room, but seating is available in the hall. Social distancing and masks. Had to fill out update on medical information this time, so was in waiting room for 45 minutes before called in for eye checkup. It normally doesn't take as long. I like the Doctor and staff, and am always treated with respect. I highly recommend Dr Hwang. - 7/15/2021 

    Jeffrey M. AvatarJeffrey M.

    My experience with Dr. Winkler has been nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend him and his well trained and very professional staff. - 7/15/2021 

  • Tracy O. AvatarTracy O.

    This entire team is wonderful. They fit you in if you have a worry. They work with insurance to try to keep costs down. They understand when you are worried or scared. Ive never had a bad experience and Ive been a patient there for 10 years. - 7/10/2021 

    karen o. Avatarkaren o.

    From beginning to end the staff in this facility, from the appointment setter to the doctors have been nothing but friendly and professional. I would recommend this facility to anyone. EDIT: Had my second surgery this week and what an amazing gift it's been. The staff is just amazing and I will definitely be recommending this facility to anyone who asks. Dr. Floyd is also so amazing, makes a person feel comfortable from the first visit. - 7/09/2021 

  • Anita C. AvatarAnita C.

    The staff are very kind and helpful. Very comfortable lobby to watch TV if want to. Nursing staff great. Nurses make sure you are comfortable. My husband came with me and he is scheduling his cataracts to be removed and have lenses put in so he will never have to wear glasses any more. I am so happy with my cataracts removed and corrective lenses perminently put in my eyes. I now see 20/20. Now we can see each other clearly in the morning. No more look in for my glasses. We both are very happy and look forward to no more corrective glasses. Thank you very much Arizona Eye Specialists - 7/09/2021 

    Irene C. AvatarIrene C.

    Very happy with Dr Suiter. He's a professional and makes me feel safe with my eye health. The staff is excellent and friendly. No wait time and efficient. Would totally recommend this team for their eye care. - 6/29/2021 

  • Shirley C. AvatarShirley C.

    Dr Hwang was fantastic. I needed cataract surgery on my right eye. I previously had a retinal hole repair surgery on that eye six months earlier and my vision was 20/200. Because of my situation, Dr Hwang could not promise that he could restore my vision to what it was before the retinal surgery, which was 20/50. I'm so pleased to report that after my cataract surgery, my vision is 20/30. Dr Hwang truly is a miracle worker. He is very kind, professional and caring. I would recommend him to everyone. - 6/23/2021 

    Jose V. AvatarJose V.

    Doctor Brems and his staff are very professional and experienced. I trust them and recommend them to everyone. - 6/23/2021 

  • Karen P. AvatarKaren P.

    My husband had a very large cataract. Dr. Hwang did an excellent job, giving him back his sight! By the next day, he no longer had blurry vision. Dr Hwang and his entire staff were awesome. - 6/23/2021 

    Loretta H. AvatarLoretta H.

    I'm so very happy to find Dr Anne M Floyd and her staff. When Dr. Floyd tells you that you will not be in any pain during or after your eye surgery you can trust her. I just love her so much for caring for me as I was really terrified of having cataract surgery and she totally put my fears to rest. I highly recommend her and her staff. 100%plus . You'll be so happy too if you decide to see her. - 6/18/2021 

  • Colleen D. AvatarColleen D.

    This office is GREAT! The staff is so nice. Jennifer was so accommodating for my 90 year old mom who needs immediate cataract surgery and she got her in to be seen. Meredith is also very good at what she does. Dr. Winkler is GREAT, to the point, get's the job done. We appreciate you ALL! - 6/18/2021 

    Robert R. AvatarRobert R.

    I found Dr. Winkler and his staff to be extremely professional and efficient. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my surgery. I’ve had very little discomfort in my vision is excellent now. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. - 6/18/2021 

  • Kathy K. AvatarKathy K.

    DR Anne Floyd went above and beyond! Ordered me specialized cataract lenses without me even knowing. I went from 20/400 yes that's 400! To 20/20! LIFE CHANGING - 6/03/2021 

    Winnie W. AvatarWinnie W.

    What can I say? Dr. Skibell is the best eye specialist. I have been seeing Dr. Skibell for 6+ years and have no complaints. He is very professional, thoughtful and most importantly he listens to his patients.

    Thank you!

    Winnie W RN - 6/03/2021 

  • Cynthia M. AvatarCynthia M.

    Everyone is very helpful and Dr Skibell explains everything very well i really like i how he explains everything and gives you choices to choose from that I needed for myself and he's very friendly not rude.. - 6/03/2021 

    Angelica A. AvatarAngelica A.

    I was recommended to this office by my Primary Doctor. I’m grateful that I did go to see an ophthalmologist who recognized the beginning signs of glaucoma. My mother had glaucoma and eventually lost her vision due to a late diagnosis. I feel that regular visits to an ophthalmologist is very important. - 6/01/2021 

  • Steve L. AvatarSteve L.

    Dr. Stephen Hwang, MD and staff are excellent and have provided outstanding care, from the initial evaluation, through the cataract surgery and post-operative care, all could not have gone better.. convenient office & surgical facility locations and an wonderful staff..
    Many thanks!
    Steve Lump
    Litchfield Park, AZ - 5/21/2021 

    Jacque B. AvatarJacque B.

    I love Arizona Eye Specialist! The staff & doctors are so professional & caring. Great service - 5/21/2021 

  • Daniel W. AvatarDaniel W.

    My wife sees Dr. Skibell. Professional and friendly staff. Dr. Skibell is so kind and explains everything in detail. He has been very helpful in giving a proactive treatment against getting glaucome. - 5/21/2021 

    Pattie K. AvatarPattie K.

    Checked in, was called back before the paperwork was done. Ben was fantastic and I had a very in-depth exam. The Dr. was amazing and explained absolutely everything to me and my husband. Will differently go back again. - 5/20/2021 

  • Collins O. AvatarCollins O.

    Friendly, personable, and professional. I had a problem following one of my eye surgeries; there was no skirting around it.. They listened, examined and found the issue that was causing my problem and scheduled a follow up surgery to correct the problem. I can't say whether or not the problem I had could have been foreseen and avoided... I doubt it. But what is most important to me is their attitude to resolve my problem. That's where the rubber meets the road. I give them 5 stars ... all of the people there deserve it. - 5/20/2021 

    Linda K. AvatarLinda K.

    I was very pleased with AZ Eye Specialists. Their staff were great in their care and the extra steps they took in performing their work with the eye checks. They took their time and were very thorough. Dr. Aiello was very professional. I left happy that I had chosen AZ Eye Specialists. - 5/20/2021 

  • C D. AvatarC D.

    My previous eye care doctor retired and I needed to find another one. Picked Arizona Eye Specialists due to reviews and insurance. The Doctor was pleasant as were the office help. Seems to be a good choice. - 5/14/2021 

    George T. AvatarGeorge T.

    Dr. Btem's Team did an excellent job of making ME COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT AS WE WENT THROUGH ANALYSIS, REPERATION AND THE SURGERY. This both at their office and the surgery center. - 5/14/2021 

  • John E. AvatarJohn E.

    everything was explainedto me, and it went pretty much as planed. i am sorry i did't do it sooner. - 5/13/2021 

    Donna B. AvatarDonna B.

    Dr. Skibell and his associates and staff are very efficient and punctual for their patients. All of your questions are answered and they thoroughly check your eyes for any disease or progression of disease. Really appreciate their hard work.I have been seeing Dr. Skibell for over 5 years and still give him and the AZ Eye Associate the highest praise! - 5/12/2021 

  • Dan S. AvatarDan S.

    The staff and doctors at AZ Eye Specialists are unbelievably professional and considerate! Taking time to listen is something not done often in this day and age. However, it appears to be the norm at this practice. On time, thorough, and so very nice make it easy to highly recommend these people. - 4/23/2021 

    gladys s. Avatargladys s.

    I really like the ppl here. They were efficient and kind. Dr. Mitzel was also very nice and listen to my concerns. - 4/20/2021 

  • Kris G. AvatarKris G.

    Dr. Hwang is the best eye doctor EVER! After wasting time and money with two other doctors that could not solve my eye pain and discomfort, Dr. Hwang quickly diagnosed my problem, gave me a treatment plan and prescription. Within 30 minutes of starting the eye drops, the pain was gone! He is kind and compassionate, and his office staff is the best! I wish I could give him ten stars! - 4/14/2021 

    Kathy E. AvatarKathy E.

    Dr. McPhee and his staff are always professional, personable and caring. I feel confident my exams are thorough and nothing is missed. So glad he's my doctor! - 4/14/2021 

  • Lupe C. AvatarLupe C.

    Great service from the time you walk in you are greeted and instructed what your next step is. CNA was very personable, gentle, thorough and professional without missing the personal touch. Dr. A. Floyd removed my caracts and was able to see immediately the improvement in my vision. Would highly recommend her and her staff. AWESOME - 4/14/2021 

    Kerstin S. AvatarKerstin S.

    First time visit and I was very impressed with the attentive staff and Dr. Bates. The office was able to get me in right away for a sudden condition, which I really appreciated. The office is well equipped with the latest instrumentation. - 4/13/2021 

  • Elizabeth M. AvatarElizabeth M.

    Everyone here is fantastic. I feel comfortable asking questions and never feel rushed. Dr.Quarnberg has been honest and patient with me in regards to my contact lens fitting for Keratoconus, and every time I come in he is so helpful and caring.
    I have always been able to schedule an appointment at a time that works for me, and my questions are always answered over the phone as well.
    I'm so incredibly happy to have finally found an eye doctor who doesn't make me feel anxious, and an office staff that doesn't make me feel like I'm inconveniencing them with my 10,000 questions.
    10/10 would recommend! 🙂 - 4/11/2021 

    Gail L. AvatarGail L.

    My husband had cataracts both of his eyes and Dr Floyd performed surgery. The quality of care was first rate. The staff was courteous, caring, professional, and cheerful. His recovery way much faster than we expected. Dr Floyd will be doing both of my eyes in May I believe. - 4/10/2021 

  • Beth E. AvatarBeth E.

    From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile and very helpful staff. The whole experience was awesome, they took such good care of me in a timely matter and explained all questions. - 4/10/2021 

    Don H. AvatarDon H.

    I have been using this office for many years and the people are always pleasant easy to work with. The whole place is top-notch. I have never been disappointed with the way I have been treated. - 4/07/2021 

  • Linda D. AvatarLinda D.

    My visit was a positive one with the office staff as well as the doctor who were all friendly. This was my first visit with Dr. Winkler as I was a patient of Dr. Wolf before he retired. Dr. Winkler was very nice & spent time talking with me & answering my questions. - 4/07/2021 

    Hank C. AvatarHank C.

    No waiting, on time, friendly staff and very helpful. Answered all my questions and Dr. Hwang was as always most knowledgable and precise. - 4/06/2021 

  • Michelle H. AvatarMichelle H.

    Best eye care I have ever had. I went to him for a second opinion and I'm glad I did! I avoided a unnecessary surgery! He also helped with my dry eyes. I now have real relief. Thank you! I definitely have a new eye specialists! - 4/02/2021 

    Rose M. AvatarRose M.

    This was my first appointment with Dr. Miller. My wait was less than 15 minutes. The staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Miller was professional and took the time to answer all my questions. I'm happy to say I have found a new eye doctor. - 4/01/2021