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  • aline b. Avataraline b.

    Dr. Goldman is responsive, kind, and professional. He really listens and does a wonderful job of explaining any eye issues. Shannon and Jessie are the best. Thanks, everyone! - 8/06/2020 

    Gretchen G. AvatarGretchen G.

    Dr Brems was thorough and explained all results. I will definitely use him
    for my specialist in treating my precious eye sight. - 8/03/2020 

  • Chrystal AvatarChrystal

    I've been coming here for a few years now and I've been well taken care of. Friendly, professional, good medical advice. One issue, during my last visit, I found the office a bit crowded considering the pandemic. - 8/02/2020 

    Dimples f. AvatarDimples f.

    Being a germaphobe, I loved seeing the staff wiping down anything that had to touch me. Also was impressed at how doctor apologized that I had to wait. A wait to me often means the doctor is giving the time needed to care for the patient and that can't be measured in increments on a schedule. Dr. Winkler and crew I appreciate you. - 8/02/2020 

  • Georgana M. AvatarGeorgana M.

    Staff was excellent. Had already filled out my paper work so check in was a breeze. Met Dr Floyd and really liked her. She asked about the health if my eyes and what had happened. She sent prescriptions in to my pharmacy and set me up for a follow-up exam. - 8/01/2020 

    Marta T. AvatarMarta T.

    I truly trust my eye doctor, and the office is well staffed, with efficient and friendly employees. They too great care to provide a safe place, given Covid’s threat. - 8/01/2020 

  • Marvin E. AvatarMarvin E.

    I’m relatively new to the area in the past 4 years.. I was having problems with my glasses and discovered I need a possible cataract surgery. I went to a different ophthalmologist and wasn’t happy with the his proposal and it did not feel right to me. Pressuring to do the more expensive way didn’t appeal to me. A friend told me about his cataract doctor he was very pleased with, so I research their practice and agreed to get my second opinion. The staff was friendly and helpful and the doctor was clear about my options and I felt comfortable with his assessment.
    Follow up was informative and helpful In making my decisions. - 8/01/2020 

    Andrew P. AvatarAndrew P.

    In addition to being very personable and outgoing, Dr. Cody Quarnberg is extremely professional and offers technical advice and diagnosis in easy to understand language.
    His office and staff are highly recommended. - 7/31/2020 

  • Felicia B. AvatarFelicia B.

    The staff are very pleasant and professional and with their patients!!!

    They are quick with their service, but you don't feel rushed.

    Therefore I will be recommending them to all my family and friends!!! - 7/31/2020 

    Barbara A. AvatarBarbara A.

    Dr. Winkler and his staff are the most wonderful people in the world to work with. It is easy to get an appointment and you get into the chair at that time. I have never had to wait past my appointment time. They are kind and treat you just like you a member of their family. He has been my doctor for years and I wouldn't trade him for anything. - 7/29/2020 

  • Jennifer S. AvatarJennifer S.

    The staff members were all helpful and professional. Extra measures were taken for patient safety. I have seen both Dr. Hwang and Dr. Skibell. Both are excellent. - 7/29/2020 

    Lourdes W. AvatarLourdes W.

    Amazing staff! Amazing doctor, everyone is very transparent. What you see is what you get, AMAZING care! - 7/27/2020 

  • Brian E. AvatarBrian E.

    Super friendly staff. Taking all precautions due to Covid. Dr. Skibell is very caring and explains everything as he continues his examination. - 7/25/2020 

    J N. AvatarJ N.

    Very courteous and professional staff. Dr. Aiello and his assistant Ben were both awesome. Everything was explained well and clearly . Ben made feel welcomed since the beginning and Dr. Aiello knew exactly was he was doing , I’m so satisfied with his work and i truly trust him with everything he’s going to help me on , great experience ! Can’t wait to come back . - 7/22/2020 

  • Juli N. AvatarJuli N.

    Very courteous and professional staff. Dr. Aiello and his assistant Ben were both awesome. Everything was explained well and clearly . Ben made feel welcomed since the beginning and Dr. Aiello knew exactly was he was doing , I’m so satisfied with his work and i truly trust him with everything he’s going to help me on , great experience ! Can’t wait to come back . - 7/22/2020 

    Kenny L. AvatarKenny L.

    Very courteous and professional staff. Dr. Aiello and his assistant Ben were both awesome. Everything was explained well and clearly . Ben made feel welcomed since the beginning and Dr. Aiello knew exactly was he was doing , I’m so satisfied with his work and i truly trust him with everything he’s going to help me on , great experience ! Can’t wait to come back . - 7/22/2020 

  • Howard M. AvatarHoward M.

    My appointment was on time as usual. Dr. Skibell was great. He is always very professional and explains everything in terms that I can understand. - 7/17/2020 

    Donna B. AvatarDonna B.

    Dr. Skibell and his associates and staff are very efficient and punctual for their patients. All of your questions are answered and they thoroughly check your eyes for any disease or progression of disease. Really appreciate their hard work. - 7/17/2020 

  • Karen S. AvatarKaren S.

    I have always received excellent care when I see Dr. Mitzel and his entire staff. When I needed a visit outside of my regular annual exam, I was given a quick appointment even with all the safety requirements because of the COVID-19 pandemic. All the staff were polite and friendly as is always the case, and they are being extremely careful to protect their clients and themselves. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Arizona Eye Specialists. - 7/15/2020 

    Jim D. AvatarJim D.

    I injured my eye doing some yard work. I called Arizona Eye Specialists and they told me to come right in. Top quality doctors and staff. Everyone there is friendly and professional.
    I highly recommend this place. - 7/11/2020 

  • Darlene H. AvatarDarlene H.

    The office staff is friendly, accommodating and always has time for questions. I was anxious about having eye surgery and my doctor was amazing. He was attentive, professional and so thorough when explaining the procedure of cataract removal. - 7/11/2020 

    Cathy M. AvatarCathy M.

    Arizona Eye Specialists (Osborne Office) patient check in during COVID-19 was handled well. I had a 3:30 appointment, did the required paperwork, and was into an exam room within 10 minutes. The reception office is clean. The front desk staff is friendly. There is a separate area off the main reception room where you can purchase glasses - so one stop shopping!

    The exam staff go about their duties efficiently and are friendly. They route you through at least 3 different exam rooms for the various tests, which goes pretty quickly. The equipment looks to be up to date.

    Dr. Quarnberg is personable and professional. This is my 3rd annual exam and it seems that he remembers me. In addition to annual exam he took the time to listen to me about the fact that my eyes water and itch. He suggested a couple of over the counter remedies, one just recently available, that have made a HUGE difference in comfort.

    This office, located just east of Scottsdale on Osborne (south side of the street) has plenty of free parking. - 7/10/2020 

  • Edward H. AvatarEdward H.

    I’ve been going to Dr McPhee for many, many years. The experience has always been very professional. Always a very thorough annual exam using the latest technology. You will be impressed. - 7/10/2020 

    Ed M. AvatarEd M.

    Always friendly and once you get back to the operator they are very efficient. Very Competent staff and doctor (Goldman) - 7/10/2020 

  • Sandy S. AvatarSandy S.

    I have never been happier with an Opthamologist Dr.Hwang and also Dr. Skibell. I had cataract surgery two years ago, and all was,a,huge success. Seeing Dr. Skibell yearly afterwards, always,takes the time to explain my condition, problems if any and what to look for.. I appreciate the offices concern and honesty towards me as their patient. Couldn't be happier with this office - 7/09/2020 

    Mike M. AvatarMike M.

    I had never had any vision problems. I had never had an eye exam. No glasses, contacts, etc.
    I recently started having issues in an eye.
    I was referred to Dr. Brems at Arizon Eye Specialists and couldn’t be more pleased. The professionalism from Dr. Brems and his staff is outstanding and highly recommend them. - 7/02/2020 

  • tanal h. Avatartanal h.

    The staff at Arizona eye specialist is very organised and professional.
    I have been going there for almost 3 years, I always recommend them to friends and family.
    Doctor curtis Winkler is very professional and knowledgeable - 6/30/2020 

    Sdewolfe54 .. AvatarSdewolfe54 ..

    Dr Quarnberg and Dr Aiello have both been great. Office staff follows through and all diagnostic equipment looks new. I feel comfortable with them. - 6/30/2020 

  • Sdewolfe54 AvatarSdewolfe54

    Dr Quarnberg and Dr Aiello have both been great. Office staff follows through and all diagnostic equipment looks new. I feel comfortable with them. - 6/30/2020 

    Dr. B. AvatarDr. B.

    Awesome office that took excellent care of me when I was in need. Had a huge Stye on my eye that needed to be addressed and worked me into their schedule with others turned me away. It was urgent because I am blind in my other eye. Thank you! - 6/29/2020 

  • Rosalie A. AvatarRosalie A.

    Very pleasant experience.Friendly employees and staff.Very comfortable atmosphere and very very office.Would recommend this business. - 6/29/2020 

    Connie H. AvatarConnie H.

    Got me in on the same day. Check in was quick and seen as scheduled. Dr. Miller was thorough and explained everything.
    Also, felt comfortable during this heatlh pandemic. Lobby was clean and seating was spaced for the practice of social distancing.
    Be safe... Wear your mask! - 6/23/2020 

  • Jill E. AvatarJill E.


    Reg W. AvatarReg W.

    Received appointment upon request. Doctor was to call for prescription but Walmart never received. Hopefully will be able to do so on Monday 6/22 - 6/21/2020 

  • Akbar A. AvatarAkbar A.

    I was three or more years under your supervision
    And very much satisfied with dr and technicians.
    Thank you all and wish you all the success.
    Ali A Araghi - 6/21/2020 

    Richard L. AvatarRichard L.

    As a retired doctor of optometry myself, I am extremely impressed with Dr. Quarnberg's knowledge of ophthalmology concepts as well as foundational optometric concepts. - 6/20/2020 

  • Anna C. AvatarAnna C.

    The Best eye specialist office in town! From my very 1st. phone call with Alex until the very end of checking out ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I received 5 star service. Not only did they cure my ailment but they genuinely cared to stop and listen to my needs. Never ever was I made to feel like a number. God Bless Dr. Goldman and his staff. Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Forever Thankful! - 6/19/2020 

    diane w. Avatardiane w.

    I can't begin to express the wonderful quality of professionalism that I experienced at the AZ Eye Specialist Clinic. I was seen by Dr. Cody Quarnberg ,
    He was thorough in my exam and explained my eye problem so that I could understand it. I Highly
    recommend Dr. Cody Quarnberg & the AZ. Eye Specialists Clinic. Absolutely wonderful experience. - 6/19/2020 

  • Alan C. AvatarAlan C.

    First time patient, treated within 10 minutes of appointment time. Very happy with everyone I dealt with and will recommend often. - 6/17/2020 

    Lisa O. AvatarLisa O.

    My appointment was at 3:45pm. I was taken back at 3:50pm. I was out by 4:30pm. The staff was efficient and organized. The front desk rep, technician and the doctor were very friendly and professional. I highly recommend Arizona Eye Specialists at the Goodyear location. - 6/17/2020 

  • David T. AvatarDavid T.

    Was very well cared for and very personable staff thank you for my vision. - 6/17/2020 

    Cindy L. AvatarCindy L.

    Was easy to make appointment. Appointment was on time and refraction exam handled efficiently. Also took advantage of optical department for new glasses. Location convenient as well. Definitely recommend this practice. - 6/16/2020 

  • Lawrence L. AvatarLawrence L.

    Very professional and caring employees who treat each patient with respect. The doctors are first class and make sure each patient understands each procedure and what it does. I recommend this company to anyone who needs good eye care. - 6/10/2020 

    Geoff T. AvatarGeoff T.

    This team is a well oiled machine, with great people. I was met with a happy greeting, behind a mask, and an efficient check in. I was in my appointment on time and the tech did all the tests and reviews in a fast professional manner. Everything went as planned, as usual. Thanks for a great visit! - 6/09/2020 

  • virginia p. Avatarvirginia p.

    I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Winkler.......He took the time to explain my eye issues ....Virginia Perkins - 6/07/2020 

    Terry G. AvatarTerry G.

    Dr. Goldman is excellent, both in his medical expertise and his interaction with patients. Although I rarely see any of the staff more than once, they always seem pleasant and helpful. The only drawback is that the Scottsdale office is so far away from where I live. - 6/06/2020 

  • Joni J. AvatarJoni J.

    I have been going to Arizona Eye Specialist for year's. Although Dr. Skibell is my Dr I have seen the other Dr's in there and they are all great. They have a wonderful staff that treat you with the utmost respect. They are all kind and caring people. I would never goto any other place than Arizona Eye Specialist. - 6/05/2020 

    Jim M. AvatarJim M.

    Friendly staff, clean nice office. Covid protocols being used, masks, and hand sanitizers (both provided). The wait was a little long, a phone call to say they were 30-45 minutes behind scheduled times would have been nice. But great care, and nice folks. - 6/05/2020 

  • Bob M. AvatarBob M.

    I have been to other Optometrist/Optomalogist in the area, very highly rated, but never felt like they were concerned about my eyes. This place is definitely different-they care! I am very satisfied with them. Great attitude and they are very friendly. Thank you - 5/21/2020 

    Jason N. AvatarJason N.

    Dr Floyd and her team at the office and at the surgical center are GREAT!. She performed cataract surgeries on both of my eyes, and can see 20/20 by the follow up appointment. All of the staff were great to work with and made the visits and procedure less stressful. It was suggested to me to have the Laser and progressive IOL's and once the procedure was over, I could see at all three distances with no astigmatism, and it is wonderful. I would recommend Dr Floyd to my friends, family and to who ever is looking for a great doctor and staff! - 5/20/2020