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Eyelid and Facial Reconstruction

Being involved in a traumatic injury like a car accident, fall and penetration injuries or animal bite can leave a serious impact on your vision and your facial structure. It is also possible for similar results to occur from skin cancer removal or even previous surgeries.

If you are struggling with your appearance or visual function as a result of injury or trauma, our eyelid and facial reconstruction doctors can help you. Whether you need facial reconstruction or a smaller surgery to repair specific damage such as mole or cancer removal, our board-certified doctors have the extensive experience and training to restore your appearance and function in the most natural manner possible.

Every patient’s situation will be completely unique; no two treatments will be exactly the same. Our doctors will take the time to fully analyze your condition, understand your lifestyle and personal goals and recommend the most effective treatments for your reconstruction.

To learn more about your options for eyelid and facial reconstruction, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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