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What Happens at My LASIK Consultation

Most people know someone who has had successful LASIK vision correction. If you need glasses or contacts, you may wonder if you could achieve visual freedom, too. At Arizona Eye Specialists we realize that considering LASIK is a big deal: you may have apprehensions about cost, fear of something going wrong or confusion about technologies.

Our LASIK Consultation is designed to set your mind at ease and let you know if the procedure is recommended for your eyes. This is accomplished through:

  • Multiple scans of your eye
  • Testing of your corneal thicknessdr-exam
  • Identification of any eye diseases or other conditions
  • Overview of your medical history

The Consultation is also a time for you to get information about:

  • LASIK costs and financing
  • LASIK technologies
  • Our doctors’ experience
  • Vision results for our past patients
  • Potential risks and complications of LASIK
  • Any other questions or concerns you have

No Pressure

Equipped with the knowledge you receive during the Consultation, you will know for sure if LASIK is a feasible option – no more wondering! You may want to talk things over with a loved one or think about your budget before deciding to proceed – and that’s fine. We will not pressure you into scheduling the procedure on-the-spot. We simply want you to know your options so you can make an informed decision as to what’s best for you.

Make today the day you decide to do something great for your vision – and your life! Schedule your LASIK Consultation today.

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