Is it Dangerous to Sleep in Contact Lenses? associated image

Is it Dangerous to Sleep in Contact Lenses?

Making the switch from prescription eyeglasses to contact lenses provides many benefits including functional versatility, greater stability and a wider field of vision. The greatest advantage to wearing contact lenses over glasses is seamless vision correction. Because contact lenses sit directly on the surface of the eye and move with…

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Does Cold Weather Increase Dry Eye Symptoms? associated image

Does Cold Weather Increase Dry Eye Symptoms?

Battling dry eyes in cold weather is an unfortunate side effect of mother nature. While those who have chronic dry eye syndrome experience symptoms year-round, the discomfort can worsen in the dryness of winter. Common dry eye symptoms include red eyes, burning, stinging, itchiness, the feeling that something is in…

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COVID-19 Response & Update

SAFETY & UPDATED OFFICE PROTOCOLS AT ARIZONA EYE SPECIALISTS Mask Mandate Update Effective Feb. 28, 2022 Maricopa County Community has lifted the mask mandate as we are now at a Medium Risk level with COVID-19. In light of this information, patients are no longer required to wear…

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!…

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