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April 4, 2017

I was very impressed with the level of modernization you have. I had several photos and tests done on my eyes. Dr. Aiello explained everything to me with great detail. I was diagnosed with Fuches 30 years ago and I learned so much more on this visit. My first visit with Dr. Aiello. I really appreciate that.


March 30, 2017

Dr. Goldman has wings and a halo!


March 21, 2017

Love this doctor and office staff! (Dr. Suiter)


March 16, 2017

Everyone is incredible, LOVE Dr. Q! (Dr. Quarnberg)


March 13, 2017

Dr. McPhee & Rico! I am so blessed to have you both.


March 2, 2017

Dr. Brems performed two surgeries, left and right eyes for cataracts and lens insertion. I went with the mono-vision option, now have 20/20 in right eye, reading view in left eye. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again, no more glasses! The staff is very professional, and I give the Doctor and his staff A++ for their pre and post follow up attention to detail. I would definitely recommend Dr. Brems.


March 1, 2017

I love this office. Dr. Quarnberg always is very understandable and takes time to make sure my questions are answered. I feel the care I receive is always excellent! Thank you


February 28, 2017

This is the best eye exam & most helpful we have ever had. Thank you so much! (Dr. Aiello)


February 28, 2017

Dr. Goldman was absolutely a delight to meet and I am so glad that I was switched to him because of cataracts. I will highly recommend this group to all my friends & family!


February 21, 2017

Dr. Bates is professional and pleasant. She is a wonderful doctor.


February 16, 2017

Dr. Quarnberg is really caring, thorough & professional – he’s great!


February 16, 2017

No glasses – quite a treat after 60+ yrs. Thank you! (Dr. Suiter)


February 6, 2017

!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU ARIZONA EYE SPECIALISTS!!!!!!!! THANK YOU & GOD BLESS those who GRACIOUSLY donate & who granted me sight again!!! I’ve had 2 VERY SUCCESSFUL cornea transplants thanks to Dr. Aiello’s GIFTED HANDS. Dr. Quarnberg has AMAZING SKILLS in fitting me with Gas Permeable lenses as I have keratoconus. The staff at Arizona Eye Specialists have ALWAYS BEEN VERY PROFESSIONAL and treat me with respect and compassion.


February 1, 2017

Traveling from out of town, experiencing eye issues. Prompt professional! Very satisfied. (Dr. Winkler)


January 30, 2017

Love Dr. McPhee. The best ever!


January 26, 2017

Dr. Quarnberg is the most efficient patient physician I have seen in the valley. A true professional – very happy!


December 7, 2016

During spring/summer of 2016, I had a ptosis repair done to my left eyelid with Dr. Heringer. He did a wonderful job; I was so excited to see my left eyelid stay up like my right eyelid!! Every time my husband and I came in to see him it was as if we were the only ones in the office. He took time to answer all my questions which were many!! Dr. explained all the options and the pros and cons…my insurance was approved and I had the work done. It took a couple of procedures to correct my eyelid. He was so knowledgeable, calm, and professional…also a great sense of humor. The staff was wonderful as well. We did talk about a couple other issues with the skin around my eyes. If I do anything else with my eyes and ocular area, it will be only with Dr. Heringer. I have told a number of people about him as well. It’s hard to find a great ocular plastic surgeon; Dr. Heringer is one of them.


November 16, 2016

I just wanted to compliment the person who followed through on a prescription change of my glaucoma eye drops. I am a patient of Dr. Suiter’s and my prescription changed and I wanted to thank the person who was responsible for getting my prescription to me just in time. I am a happy camper. I can’t thank you enough and I appreciate you more and more!


October 25, 2016

He is the 4th ophthalmologist I have seen and (the) first to truly help me. He is amazing! (Dr. Aiello).


October 20, 2016

I’ve gone to Arizona Eye to visit Dr. Cody Quarnberg for 7 years. I am a diabetic going on 27 years, and have been successful in my eye care and have no deterioration after all this time. Dr. Cody is always encouraging me and praising me for my self-control of my disease. The entire staff is First Class Professional. I’ve been treated with utmost respect and care. I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr. Quarnberg. He’s a delight, to monitor my health, always making me feel like a success. As long as I live in the area, I will be his patient.


September 30, 2016

He (Dr. Duane Mitzel) is fantastic!!! Great bedside manner. Very informative.


September 16, 2016

No hesitation to recommend to my friends and my family members. (Dr. Winkler)


September 3, 2016

My wife had the opportunity to visit specifically with Dr. Aiello. My wife has eye problems that vary because of her multiple sclerosis. Even though Dr. Aiello was running behind this past Friday in visiting patients and apologized accordingly for that, he spent the appropriate amount of time to review the test results with my wife and present recommendations for her. Dr. Aiello answered all pertinent questions from my wife and myself. We plan on continuing with Dr. Aiello and his recommendations.


July 28, 2016

Very pleased with everything. Dr. Aiello and staff are amazing. Thank you!


July 19, 2016

Very happy and should have come years ago. Will recommend to all I know. (Dr. Goldman)


July 14, 2016

I’m so glad that I have Dr. Q and Aiello. They’re very good in explaining what needs to be done. I will always come here.


July 1, 2016

Dr. Suiter is an outstanding Ophthalmologist. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is kind, has a great sense of humor, establishes a rapport with each patient, and spends sufficient time with each patient. I saw him a number of years ago for a vitreous detachment. He also performed cataract surgery for me in 2014 and recently YAG laser. He is excellent!!


May 20, 2016

Dr. Winkler is a wonderful eye doctor. Always very thorough and answers my questions. I recommend my friends to him and they love him.


May 18, 2016

Dr. Mitzel and staff are amazing!


April 22, 2016

As I thought about this survey it occurred to me that Dr. Goldman fit the true definition the doctor with a wonderful bedside manner. He not only fixed my eye site but he made my visits with him a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


April 7, 2016

10 out of 10 from start, to out the door! The total staff is as good as it gets — none better. Dr. Heringer took care of my needs that day “after normal hours” due to my situation. That was a first!!


April 2, 2016

What a superb physician, he provided me with several options, explained the options, then help me find the best one. His performance in the operating room was second to none…it’s really good to be able to see out of my right eye again. He the kind of Dr. that I would want my mom to go to. What a superb Dr. I would recommend Dr. Winkler to my best friend.


February 17, 2016

I have been seeing Dr. Astle for years, and I have complete trust in him. He is very knowledgeable and with old school professionalism referring to me as Ms… I appreciate that he does not waste my time; however, he answers all of my questions and seems genuinely interested in my well-being.


February 15, 2016

I recently had Cataract Surgery by Dr. James Goldman on my left eye. First Dr. Goldman took the time to fully explain the surgery along with all the good and bad potential happenings and answered all my questions prior to the surgery. Dr. Goldman talked to me on the operating table, at the completion, that everything went very well. He even called me that night, at home to see how I was doing. His whole approach was set to alleviate any anguish I might have had. I recommend him highly.


February 1. 2016

Dr. Brems was spot on with his treatment plan and Dx. He was nice and answered my questions.


January 23, 2016

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Goldman. I have been extremely impressed before and after my recent cataract surgery. He is not only highly skilled and professional but also thoughtful. He explained everything and calmed me before surgery and even called that evening after surgery.


December 21, 2015

I have already told anyone who will listen about my eye procedure. I am so thrilled to be able to see so well and not have to wear glasses. Everyone has been great to me! Thank you! (Dr. Suiter)


December 21, 2015

Thank you so much for what you did for my mom. It really meant the world. You went above and beyond. (Dr. Winkler)


November 2, 2015

Dr. Skibell is an excellent doctor. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring. He has the highest integrity and will take great care of you and your eyes.


October 16, 2015

I had two surgeries using the Mohs method by a Demeratolgist (dermatologist). The melanoma cancer had spread up into the eye area. The Demeratolgist recommended Dr.Heringer to close the large area. Dr. Heringer is outstanding. I am so pleased by his care, attention to details and in-depth experience. He is truly is an outstanding facial and ocular surgeon.


May 16, 2015

Dr. Heringer removed a huge very invasive squamous cell skin cancer from my face saving my eye in the process. His initial surgery and the two follow-up reconstructive surgeries have left minimal scarring. If it was not for Dr. Heringer’s immediate attention and fantastic follow-up, I may not be here today. Thank you again, Dr. H!


April 22, 2015

Dr. Brems is skilled – the hospital told me I was lucky to have him do the cataract surgeries due to his skill. This was out of his earshot and just a casual remark. He has done thousands of them (volunteers for surgeries in the Philippines). Personally called me the night of surgery to check on me even though the hospital calls too. Has done my husband’s surgeries too. Four out of four!


February 23, 2015

Dr. Quarnberg is very friendly, he has good knowledge on glaucoma, takes his time to answer any questions, and is very thorough with his eye examinations.